Rating Methodology

Our rating system is based on aggregator-like system. We do not assess ICO projects on our own, because we do not believe that at the moment anyone can do this fairly objectively, let alone consider that some individual experts or people pretending to such a role can single-handedly determine the potentially succecssful projects.


Instead, we collect for you all available information about projects, placed on various rating resources, including the ratings of these projects. And on the basis of estimates obtained in various sources, we provide you with an average estimate calculated on the basis of a transparent mathematical formula.

First, all scores are translated into a single calculus system (details below), then summarized and divided by the number of resources whose estimates were used.

Also we want to mention that we immensely respect and appreciate the labor of resources, the estimates of which we use in the calculation, therefore, near each evaluation there are active links to the project on these resources. We are always open for any interaction with rating sites and we will gladly consider the possibility of adding new resources to our rating system.

On our website we use a 10-point scale, where the higher the rating, the better (10 is the highest score). We consider such form to be enough informative but not too complicated.

At the moment the following rating agencies are represented on our website:



They use 5-point scale. So we just double their mark.


Everything is simple, they have 10-point scale, so we just use it as is.


We use the Risk score. Risk-score is aimed at assessing the risk of potentially fraudulent activities. The higher the risk-score, the less information there is on the details of the ICO campaign, product development, the team and the documentation, which calls into question the possibility for success of the startup and the ICO/Token sale.
The metrics of this parameter are divided into five levels: very low, low, medium, high, and very high. Where is the lowest = the most reliable. So we just have to translate these values into numbers 1-5, but with the opposite value (eg. very low risk score = 5).


They have an alphabetical rating system, so we just turned letters into numbers

A = 5, B = 4, C = 3, D = 2, E =1 (the mark is doubled than to be in 10-point scale)


TrackICO also has 10-point scale, so we just use it as is.


The same 10-point scale rating system as previous.


Also use 10-point scale rating system.


They use 5-point scale. So we just double their mark.


According to our researches these 8 websites have the best visitor statistics among all ICO rating sites at the moment. In the future we suppose adding more sites to the list if we consider them deserving. If you have your opinion on adding new resources or you’re owner of such one, we will be glad to get your feedback.