About CoinFollow

Creating CoinFollow, we were guided by the desire to make the ICO market more civilized. On the day when we will have to replace this text with a new one, we can assume that we have coped with our task.

And while the ICO market is a huge wild field, where to lose money is as simple as to make them. Of course this gives some advantages – as a rule, the higher the risk, the higher the potential profit. However, in the long term, it would be more profitable for everyone if investors could earn money, and good projects could get the opportunity to develop their products. And all this without restrictions and control on the part of individual states.

That is why it is so important first of all to weed out substandard and potentially fraudulent projects, not allowing inexperienced and novice investors to lose money. This is our first and foremost task.

The second, and no less important, is to streamline and systematize all the huge amount of information that is available in the ICO, crypto and lockbox areas. If you do not take into account frankly bad projects, even among the remaining ones there are better ones and those that need to be finalized before going to the ICO. In addition, all these projects can have a different focus, areas of activity, and many other factors that are important for investors and should be presented in a convenient way.

And finally, the main thing – as you know, there are many different sites that are involved in the evaluation of ICO projects. At the same time, no one estimates these sites themselves – how authoritative their assessments are, who are the experts who make these assessments. That’s why we at CoinFollow decided not to give our own estimates, but instead to collect in one place the scores from all the authoritative resources in our opinion, and display not only these estimates along with links to the source, but also an average rating, allowing our users not to visit each separate resource, and find everything in one place on the principle of aggregator.

Moreover, we also collect all reviews and reviews from various resources, naturally following the rules of copywriting, with references to sources. Also we have the latest news for each ICO, as well as the trading schedules for coins traded on exchanges. And all this in one place.